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iDeaf-Connect Board of Directors
Ms Neoh Joe Eng, Ms Ginny Ong Jing Yun,
Mrs Erni Wijaja, , Dr Victor Keng,
Mr Teo Wei Long Adrian, Mr Kim Sii Lu Steven.
Our Mission
• To become a Deaf Enterprise
   Incubation hub
• To be a Deaf Awareness center
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Social Impact
If Deaf youths are given the training to run a business with help from a supportive community, they will become enabled and ready to take on more challenges in the future.
A Welcoming Note
iDeaf-Connect Board members are already involved in leadership within the Deaf community for many years. We were involved in Overseas Community Outreach to countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc.
The issue we seek to address is about jobs for Deaf people and the discrimination Deaf people face as part of the workforce. To help the others recognise the ability and talents of the Deaf, we did our research on becoming a Social Enterprise. A Social Enterprise is a business using market based strategies to promote a social cause. Like any other businesses, it aims to make a profit, but seeks to reinvest the surpluses back to the beneficiaries. In our case, the beneficiaries are Deaf people and our Deaf community.
Financial sustainability is one of our bottomlines besides seeking to meet the unmet needs of the beneficiaries. We adopted a hybrid model of Work Integration Model and Social Needs Model. Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) provide skills training and employment opportunities to Deaf staff, empowering them to be self reliant. Social Needs Model help the community to become awareness of the Deaf Community so as to create a more inclusive society for Deaf people.
iDeaf-Connect LLP became the first Deaf Social Enterprise run by Deaf people and for Deaf people on the 20th October 2010. We made it our Vision for iDeaf-Connect -"Enabling Deaf youths and Connecting Deaf Communities for the world by means of sustainable social innovation through Social Enterprise". Each day Deaf people continue to evolve and find new ways to be viable and sustainable. As a company we seek to educate and train potential Deaf people so that their talents can be recognised.

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